About Us

Chemfine founded in 1990 is a renewable bio fuel industry at present which enhances the nation’s energy security by reducing its dependence on petroleum fuels.

Chemfine’s Biodiesel & Glycerine plant design, process and technology is an in-house technology and can process multi feedstock. The plant is designed for a continuous 24-hour production of 100 Tons of Pretreated Oil per day equating to a total of approximately 36,000 TPA.

Chemfine’s Refined Glycerine (> 99.5% purity) yielded (12,000 TPA) through this process meets the most stringent pharmacopeia specifications.

Why choose Us.

Our approach has yielded us the long-term loyalty and admiration of our quality and service conscious clients and continues to motivate us to further enhance, improve and refine our business practices. Here is why we think our customer would love to work with us.

Our Mission.

Our mission and our goals to adapt better to a rapidly changing and globalised market place. Chemfine is founded on the vision that with integrity, insight and intelligence we can achieve a more satisfying outcome for our customers, our partners and our community.

What we Do.

Chemfine is very well versed in terms of sea and land freight services for all types of Olechemical products. We have established a good reputation among our suppliers as well as customers and strengthen our business network in Africa, Middle East and Asian countries .

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